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Engrave it

Engrave it & Save it

The Engrave It and Save It Program is a crime prevention program designed to prevent thefts and provide a means of easy identification of stolen or lost property by marking property.

Most property that is seized or recovered by the police is destroyed or auctioned due to being unable to trace the items back to the owner. This problem can be avoided by using the Engrave It and Save It Program. This program also helps to assist the police in developing stronger case against the criminals.


Items that are of value to you such as your television, DVD player, stereo, camera, computer, etc., will be engraved with a number. A driver?s license number is the best identifier to use because police can run the number through their computer and locate the owner quickly.

Items that cannot be marked should be photographed in colour with owner's identification. A complete description of the article should be written on the back of the photograph.

Once you've engraved your property, be sure to maintain a list of the articles, manufacturers and models, serial number and location number or photographs in a safe place.

Display the Engrave It and Save It Program sticker in your window to tell the would-be burglar that you property has been marked.

Anyone interested in having their property marked should call the Belleville Police Service Community Resource Officer (613) 966-0882 ext. 2266.