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How to Detect Phishing Scams Here is a video that helps you identify 'Phishing' scam emails. Feel free to share it with anyone you think could benefit from it. Phishing scams can cost you your identity.
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Grandparent Scam Grandparent Scam This scam involves elderly persons being contacted, advising that a family member – usually a grandchild – has been arrested in a foreign country, needs medical attention, or is in need of car repairs far from home. The caller requests money to be wired to some location in the world in aid of the family member. This scam is designed to make the elderly person panic and wire the money. We recommend potential victims to contact their family members and make attempts to verify the validity of the claim.
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Be on the Lookout for the Overpayment Scam
Protect Your Data on Your Wireless Devices
Beware of Dumpster Divers
Be Cautious When Using Your Credit Card or Debit Card
Apartment Rental & Over Payment Scams
"Nigerian" Letter Scam
Cheque Disbursement Fraud
Credit Card Scam
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