Who We Are
Belleville Police Service
Partners With The Community

Emergency: [9-1-1]  Hearing Impaired (TTY): 613-966-3788

Front Line Constables

On the front lines and on the streets, the police constables in the Belleville Police Service strive to help make Belleville the safest community in Ontario. Whether it be helping people in traumatic events, responding to theft calls or lending a helping hand when needed, our officers are skilled to handle a variety of situations.

Constables patrol the city through all hours of the day, performing duties that can include traffic violations, assisting on carrying out warrants and searching for reported missing persons. While some days might be busier than others, officers are always ready to expect the unexpected.

“You go to everything, sometimes it’ll be a normal theft call, sometimes it’ll be an interesting call where somebody walked into a store with a machete.”

Cst. Christopher Tijssen, one of the service’s officers, says the aspect of the job he enjoys the most is following up with the people he helps. “You get to see things through, you get to find what happens to the people you meet and you get to make sure they are going to be alright.”

Cst. Andrea Boulay also shares this sentiment, “There’s no other job that has this much of an ability to impact the community in a positive way.”

The goal of the service is to help make Belleville the safest community in Ontario, part of what will make that a reality is communication and teamwork with the citizens of Belleville and the police. The officers in the service are always happy to help whoever is in need of help. “There’s always the potential to turn a negative situation to a positive one.”