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02 February 2009 - STABBINGWarning - this news article expired on 2009-03-31. Information may no longer be accurate or applicable 02 February 2009 - Stabbing




Belleville, Ont. ? On February 1, 2009 at approx 1:45a.m., Police received a call to attend a Wareham Street address for a disturbance. On arrival police spoke to a 21 year old Thurlow man who was covered in blood. The investigation revealed this male had assaulted a 24 year old Belleville man at this address for failing to assist him in a fight earlier in the evening at a local Bar.


The 21 year old male was arrested for Assault.


While on scene on Wareham Street, police received complaint of a stabbing victim at Belleville General Hospital.


It is alleged that this same 21 year old male was responsible for stabbing a 22 year old man at a Lingham Street resident.     


Just prior to the Wareham Street incident the accused and another 25 year old Belleville man attended a Lingham Street address. They were invited in as they were known to the male and female occupant. 

The accused attacked the male occupant (victim) punching him several times and holding a knife to his throat. The accused then hit the victim over the head several times with a beer bottle causing the bottle to break. The accused used the broken beer bottle to stab the victim numerous times in the neck and shoulder area. The accused threatened to cut the victims eyes out with it. 

While this was taking place the female occupant attempted to intervene and was assaulted and restrained by the second male.  The male holding the knife threatened to cut the throat of the male victim if she did not go to the adjoining bedroom and remain there.

The female victim managed to open the bedroom window and called for help causing the assault to stop.  The two accused males fled from the residence.  

It was then that the two accused went to the Wareham Street address where he began punching the victim who was lying on the couch. 

The male victim from Lingham Street was transported to BGH where he received treatment for his injuries.  The female victim from Lingham Street did not require any medical treatment in regards to being assaulted and restrained by the second accused.  The third victim from Wareham Street received no medical treatment for his injuries as a result of being beaten. 


Both accused are charged jointly in the Lingham Street incident with one count each of Assault with a Weapon, Assault Bodily Harm, Utter Death Threats, Forcible Confinement and Assault.


The 21 year old Thurlow male is charged in the Wareham St incident with one count of Assault, Unlawfully in Dwelling House, and two counts of Breach Probation.


Both accused are being held for a Show Cause Hearing on February 2, 2009.


These incidents are still under investigation and police are asking any persons who may have information to police call crime stoppers to contact the investigating officer D/Sgt Tom Sweet at 613 966 0882 # 2313.


Police are looking for any information that may be of assistance.