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1 September 2010Warning - this news article expired on 2010-10-01. Information may no longer be accurate or applicable

Counterfeit $100.00

Belleville, Ontario ? 01 September, 2010, Belleville Police Service is alerting the public to be aware and be educated when it comes to counterfeit money. During the month of August communities in eastern Ontario have seen an increase in the circulation of counterfeit $100.00 bills.

It is a Criminal offence for any person to make, possess or pass counterfeit money. All counterfeit currency must be given to the police. Prevention and detection are key elements in the fight against counterfeiting. Police are encouraging retailers, cash handlers and consumers to become familiar with the security features of all bank notes. The features are reliable, quick, and easy to use.
Local retailers,businesses and members of the public canreceive more information,training materials, services, and workshops through the Bank of Canada at  1-888-513-8212 toll free or; or

Fraudulent Phone Scam Busted

Belleville, Ontario ? On 27 August, 2010, a 91 year old citizen of Belleville is accused by a fraudster as being pretty smart. The citizen reported to police that she had received a bogus call from an unidentified male pretending to be her grandson requesting immediate cash assistance as he had been in an accident and was now in jail. The citizen challenged the fraudster and the fraudster hung up on her. The citizen called Belleville Police to inform and thank them (being the police and the media) as it was because of the previous media release that she was aware of this type of scam and did not fall victim.

Belleville, Ontario ? On 31 August, 2010 an 87 year old citizen of Belleville attempted to purchase a $5000.00 money order in Belleville. The staff learned that the money order was to assist the 87 year olds' grandson that had been involved in a car accident and needed immediate cash. The staff was as well aware of the recent notifications in the media about this type of fraud and encourage the 87 year old to contact family members to be sure that this was a legitimate request. It has since been confirmed that this was a fraudulent request.

Educating the public of these scams has saved 2 members of our community a significant amount of money in the last week.

BellevillePolice Service- Start SchoolSafely Initiative

It's that time of the year again. School is starting September 7th, 2010, members of Belleville Police Service and the Traffic Management Unit will be focusing on aggressive drivers in school zones.

Officers will be strictly monitoring school areas for offenses of speeding, stop sign and school bus violations. This will be done in an effort to ensure the safety of all residents using the area and to remind drivers that students are back to school with pedestrians using the streets. Children will be excited to attend school and may not always have safety in mind when travelling to and from school.

Officers will be using radar and lidar to monitor speeds of vehicles with a zero tolerance approach to violators. It is important to recognize that increased speeds result in increased stopping distances being required for the vehicle to stop in the event of an emergency event. An average stopping distance required for a vehicle travelling at 40 kilometers per hour is approximately 26 meters including the drivers reaction time.

A summary below is an example of the fines associated with the above offences:

  • Speeding 15km/h over posted limit- $52.50?Community Safety zone $95.00
  • Fail to stop for School Bus- $490.
  • Disobey Stop Sign- $110.
  • Red Light Fail to Stop- $325

Members of the Traffic Management Unit will also be working with other Services in a joint effort with the Quinte Region Traffic Coalition in similar ventures during the month of September.

Break and Enter

Belleville, Ontario ? On 31 August, 2010 police attended at a residence on Elgin Street and Albion Street in response to complaints of break and enters. The residents reported that unknown person(s) entered the individual residents via open windows and once inside stole electronic game systems. These investigations are ongoing.