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6 October 2010Warning - this news article expired on 2010-11-06. Information may no longer be accurate or applicable

Since 01 September, 2010, Belleville Police Service have investigated 3 collisions involving vehicles and pedestrians. Members of our community have also contacted the police raising concerns in relation intersection and crosswalk safety.
Belleville Police would like to remind drivers and pedestrians of intersection and crosswalk safety.

Pedestrian responsibility:

  • Pedestrians shouldn't assume that the driver sees them, even if they see the driver.
  • Pedestrians should wear bright colors or reflective materials for greater visibility, especially in the dark or during inclement weather.
  • Always cross at marked crosswalks.
  • Obey any pedestrian signals.
  • Look and listen to the left, right and left again to make sure the road is clear in both directions before crossing.
  • If a vehicle approaches, make eye contact with the driver to be sure the driver sees you before you cross, and don't be distracted by cell phone or I-pod use.
  • Look before walking past stopped vehicles.
  • Do not cross just because a driver waves you on. Be sure all lanes are clear first.

Driver Responsibility:

  • Yield to pedestrians in crosswalks and at intersections.
  • Be prepared to stop at all marked crosswalks.
  • Stay alert and reduce speed in areas with crosswalks.
  • Be alert for bicyclists and skateboarders (their approach to the intersection may be much swifter than a pedestrian).
  • Come to a complete stop if pedestrians are crossing or preparing to cross.
  • Wait until pedestrians have crossed at least one lane past the lane you are in before resuming travel.
  • Never pass another vehicle that has stopped or is slowing down at a crosswalk.
  • To drive without being distracted (i.e. not to use hand-held devices while driving) according to the Highway Traffic Act of Ontario.