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?Lock It or Lose It?Warning - this news article expired on 2010-01-04. Information may no longer be accurate or applicable ?Lock It or Lose It?

"Lock It or Lose It?

Belleville, Ontario - A professional can steal your vehicle in just 30 seconds ? without the key. For the next few weeks the Belleville Police Service in partnership with the Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police and Insurance Bureau of Canada will be encouraging citizens to "Lock It or Lose It.? The goal of this proactive crime prevention program is to encourage drivers to take a few simple precautions that will protect their vehicles from theft.

"Lock It or Lose It? focuses on theft of vehicles and theft from motor vehicles. This program, involves the checking of vehicles to determine if owners have secured their vehicles and placed items of value out of sight. A vehicle notice is placed on the vehicle indicating the state in which the vehicle was found when checked.

With the holiday shopping season here the Belleville Police Service is anticipating an increase in theft from vehicles therefore will be implementing this program on December 11th and 12th at various locations around the city such as mall parking lots and other highly targeted locations.

As part of this program Belleville Police officers and Belleville Community Policing volunteers will check vehicles parked in a variety of locations to confirm that they are locked and that no valuables have been left in plain view. Volunteers will be wearing clothing with Community Policing Volunteers clearing visible and will identify themselves as such if approached. A small notice will be placed on every vehicle checked indicating what safety precautions were neglected and offers a few simple prevention tips drivers can use to protect their vehicles against theft.

An unlocked door or an open window is an invitation to thieves. The Belleville Police Service reminds drivers to;

  • Roll up their vehicles' windows
  • Keep valuables out of sight, especially during the Christmas shopping season when we can anticipate an increase of thefts from vehicles
  • Lock their doors;

The key to protecting your vehicle is in your hands. Keep yourself from becoming an easy target by properly securing your vehicle.

If you have any questions regarding this program please contact Constable George Bongard at 613 966 0882 # 2228.

Sgt Beth Harder
Belleville Police Service
Media Relations Officer
613 966 0882 #2136